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Eastern White & Red Pine

Eastern White Pine is the perfect choice for any building project that requires quality, appearance, and durability. Used initially as ship masts, Eastern White Pine has been the mainstay in quality construction and fine woodworking for centuries. Known for having incredible strength, the ability to grow true and tall, and yet be very light in weight.

Benefits of using Eastern White Pine

  • Fine grain with a variety of "looks"
  • Uniform texture
  • Easily shaped for appearance products that require a profile
  • Soft, stable and lightweight
  • Naturally decay resistant
  • Least resinous of all pines, that has a beautiful red-knotted appearance
  • Holds finishes extremely well and allows for a variety of applications of stain or paint

Carson Lake Lumber is renowned for its fine quality Eastern White and Red Pine that is grown and harvested in the Ottawa Valley. Eastern White Pine grows slower in northern climates such as here in Ontario and the Ottawa Valley which provides a higher quality, fine grain and dimensionally stable product.

Standard Patterns

Our planing and shipping facilities produce all standard sizes in dressed four side (D4S) ranging from 1x2 through to 2x12 as well as a variety of patterns for flooring, paneling and trim work.

Carson Lake Lumber is well known for producing fine quality, consistently matching pattern stock. Listed below are the most common patterns manufactured at Carson Lake Lumber.

Custom patterns, sizes and anti-cupping grooves are available on request.

Standard Patterns Standard Patterns Page 2

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Our softwood lumber is air dried (A.D.) to a moisture content of 11%-15%. Our graders are NLGA certified and all grades are determined in accordance with and comply to the National Lumber Grades Authority (NLGA).

You can view a copy of the NLGA Standard Grading rules for EWP and RP paragraphs 116-118 here. Click here to view NLGA EWP grading rules

We manufacture all grades listed within the NLGA rules for EWP and RP as well as customized grades to suite our customers specific needs.
To view samples of the grades we produce please click the links below: