Carson Lake Lumber - Your Best Choice In Pine Products!


At Carson Lake Lumber, four by-products are generated throughout our production process: bark or mulch, sawdust, chips and shavings.

These by-products are sold in various forms to large and small scale operations such as MDF producers, paper producers, farmers, pet stores, landscaping companies and nurseries.


Our superior quality shavings are valued for their high level of absorption, very low humidity rate and great pine aroma.
Our medium to large flake, low dust shavings are beautifully consistent in color and quality.
Our shavings are highly regarded in the marketplace for top quality horse bedding and are highly sought after by customers throughout Canada, United States and in the UK.
All of our wood shavings are compressed and packaged into 3 Cu. Ft. / 85 liter U.V. resistant weather proof plastic bags.

Small quantity pricing as follows:
  • $6.00 per bag plus tax
Contact us for trailer load quantity pricing.

Pine Shavings Bagged Shavings


Our mulch comes in two forms: naturally aged mulch and freshly shredded bark. Our mulch products work exceptionally well for all landscaping, gardening and nursery needs.

This by-product is sold in bulk.

Naturally Aged Mulch Freshly Shredded Bark


Our sawdust is clean and very fine resulting in the perfect product for production of MDF, wood pellets, clean fuel and even animal bedding.

This by-product is sold in bulk.



Our chips are clean and virtually bark free.  They meet all necessary requirements for the production of pulp and paper, wood pellets, clean fuel and landscaping.

This by-product is sold in bulk.

Pine Chips